We are genuinely excited that you are here! Get ready to learn how you can redefine your future by launching a turn key business with the #1 Premium Skincare Brand in North America – Rodan + Fields!

Below you will find out more information about our Company, our Doctors, the Brand, the Products, and how anyone can start an R+F virtual business alongside their own schedule. You work for yourself, but not by yourself. Our company is all about empowerment and inspiration. Our team is especially supportive, collaborative, and encouraging. Our Vision is to bring dermatological-grade products and tools to the masses through the power of word of mouth and social commerce. Whether you are into skincare or not, it doesn’t matter. We use these products as a vehicle for change whether it is about making more money, having more time freedom, becoming your own boss, giving back, or whatever your dreams are!


▪ Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are the most well-known names in dermatology worldwide and were recently ranked two of the top 10 women entrepreneurs of the decade.
▪ Our products were previously sold in high end retail and were #1 in Nordstrom.
▪We are celebrating 10 amazing years with incredible stats and growth since they launched into the direct selling channel in April 2008.

Based on the Euromonitor 2017 Rankings, Rodan + Fields is:

▪The #1 Premium Skincare Brand in the U.S. for the SECOND year in a row and now in Canada across ALL channels and price points.
▪The #1 Fastest Growing Beauty & Personal Care Brand in the U.S. since 2010. That’s for the last 7 years in a row now. This category includes make-up, fragrance, AND skincare.
▪#1 Fastest Growing Brand in Canada for the 2nd year in a row
▪#1 Premium Acne Brand across the US and Canada in 2017
▪#1 Anti-Aging Brand in the US since 2016 and Canada in 2017
▪ We exceeded $1.5 Billion in revenue in 2017 and are on track for $2 Billion this year.
R+F is changing the face of entrepreneurship.
*Verify claims here



▪ Skincare is a $3.9B (and growing) market. It is predicted to reach $154 Billion in sales GLOBALLY by 2021.
▪ Rodan + Fields is responsible for 42% of TOTAL SKINCARE GAINS, greatly outpacing rival beauty brands with an average of 79.3% annual growth seen over the last 7 years. Neutrogena was the 2nd fastest growing brand at only 4.4%* This is a HUGE difference.
▪ All geographic markets are unsaturated. We have barely scratched the surface of US, Canada and now Australia which puts R+F into an even more advantageous position.
▪ There is an unprecedented opportunity to be first to YOUR market.
▪ International expansion began in Canada in February 2015.
▪ We are officially opened for market in Australia as of mid-September 2017. We will be heading into the Asian and Korean markets soon with 190+ more countries to follow. HUGE growth in store for R+F!
▪ We all have skin. The world is a BIG place. It’s just a fact.

*Source: Euromonitor

Generating Business

▪ No inventory to stock.
▪ Business does not depend on “parties”.
▪ R+F is lavished with free press.
▪ Most Consultants who are successful work an average of 5-15 hours per week around full-time jobs or children (or both).
▪ We generate business by sharing with others about the R+F brand – through social media, in person, and on the phone. Rodan + Fields does NOT pay for advertising.


Clinically Proven Products

▪ Our vision is to bring dermatological-grade products and tools to anyone who can benefit through the power of word of mouth and social commerce.
▪We offer our family and friends RESULTS with our 4 main regimens:

REDEFINE: For the Appearance of Lines, Pores & Loss of Firmness

REVERSE: For Dullness & Discoloration

UNBLEMISH: For Acne (Note: Currently not available in Australia)

SOOTHE: For Sensitive Skin

We also offer our award winning anti-aging tools (another $3B industry), such as the AMP MD SYSTEM and ACUTE CARE to help enhance results. (*NOTE: Acute Care is currently not available in AU.)

You can view each country’s complete inventory line by clicking on the links below:

USA Product Guide

CANADA Product Guide

AUSTRALIA Product Guide

*Please note that USA, Canada and Australia all have slightly different inventories. This is because each country has different regulations and launch phases.




“The best time to join a business is in the midst of a global expansion and the launch of new products.” – FORBES

“Here’s the thing about Rodan + Fields, when they come out with a new serum, or a cream, or a peel, it’s not unusual for millions – literally millions – of people to go nuts over it”! – ALLURE

“Rodan + Fields is increasingly rising to become one of the most well-respected skincare companies in the world”. – FORBES

There is a reason why this company is #1 in North America! There is a reason why beauty bloggers love us, magazines write about us and we NEVER have to pay for advertising. Our doctors are always at the forefront of CUTTING-EDGE INNOVATION!! They are committed to bring us TWO NEW INNOVATIONS PER YEAR! Wow! What does this mean for you as a consultant? You got it…a life-time of continued GROWTH, SUCCESS and CHANGE. We are winning awards from the moment these products go on the market and our customers can’t get enough of them.

▪ 2016- the release of ENHANCEMENTS LASH BOOST. FOR SALE IN THE USA ONLY. Women (and men) are crazy about having longer, darker, fuller looking lashes and the $200 Million in sales in the first year proves that. Check out this article by InStyle.
▪ 2017- the release of the 3D3P molecular matrix products, ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM and Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex! Watch this video as our doctors explain it all to you. You’ll then understand how MOISTURE is so DIFFERENT from HYDRATION and why you, and all your friends, need this in your life.

We also GOT CLOSER TO PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH Retinol with Intensive Renewing Serum. Powered by Retinal-MD, it delivers 20 times the revitalizing strength of Retinol. Combine Intensive Renewing Serum with the completely re-engineered, high-precision AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller to experience a whole new level of firm. Want smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin? YES please!

▪ 2018- the release of Active Hydration Body Replenish, another amazing addition to the 3D3P molecular matrix family. Drench every inch with this technology, containing Glycerine and Hyaluronic Acid, to pull moisture from the air and lock it in. The result? Immediate hydration for noticeably softer, smoother, more supple skin without the sticky feel — all day long from head to toe.

*Please Note that Bright Eye Complex and Body Replenish is currently only available in the USA & CA only. We hope to launch these products into Australia soon.


And that’s not all….

PROTECT, GLOW + GO! Introducing our new, ground-breaking tinted Glow Guard, Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Formulated with dermatology-inspired skincare ingredients to deliver a radiant, healthy-looking complexion in six flexible shades. Use as the last step of your skincare routine to protect and perfect the glowing skin you’ve earned.

Why do we call Radiant Defense a Glow Guard and NOT another “make-up’? Well, it’s because its unique and proprietary RD3 Complex protects your skin. It helps neutralize the harmful effects of environmental aggressors, repair skin’s natural moisture barrier and protect it from sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. Available in all 3 countries! *


Rodan + Fields Instant Makeup Remover Wipes and Complete Eye Makeup Remover quickly and easily dissolve stubborn long-wearing makeup, dirt and oil. No heavy residue; no need to rinse. They work perfectly with our NEW Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid!

*Official Launch of these New Products will be October 1, 2018. All New Consultants can get it NOW.


What Would I Actually Be Doing?

It is simple; we promote skincare products that work and a life changing business venture with everyone we know. From the product side, we are simply SHARING products that HELP our family and friends with their REAL skin concerns. The great thing about promoting highly consumable products is the ability to earn residual income. As people re-order products that they love over and over again, you get paid over and over again, for work you did once! As you share the business opportunity, your residual income grows more as your team shares with their networks. It’s actually quite awesome! If you are willing to be intentional in conversation and SHARE this gift with others around you, you will do great!


How We Get Paid

▪ We are paid commission and profits (averages about 30%) on products we sell.

▪ We make an additional 5% commission on products our team members sell.

▪ There is uncapped earning potential.

▪ Additional incentives: Bonuses, Free Lexus, FREE luxury trips (Napa, Hawaii, Australia, Mexico, Barcelona, and more!)

▪ We also have fun team incentives for designer bags, jewelry, cash, weekend retreats and more.

▪One of the very best rewards about this business are the everlasting, supportive, encouraging FRIENDSHIPS you will gain. They are simply priceless.


Financial Investment

▪ Business Kits come with a 60-day money back guarantee. Try risk free!

▪ We would equip you with the BEST training out there so you can recoup your initial investment within your first 45-60 days with our new SPARK PROGRAM available in all 3 countries.




▪ Monthly Overhead averages around $105 US – $140 AU and is tax deductible.


While there are four enrollment business kits available to get started, the top two options will set you up for the most success, provide you with the deepest discount and will give you YOUR best skin. You will become your own walking billboard. Kit options, product contents, pricing and value can be found by clicking on your country of residence link below:

*USA Enrollment Kit Options

*CANADA Enrollment Kit Options

*AUSTRALIA Enrollment Kit Options



The additional perks that come along with being a R+F Consultant is the DO-GOOD charity work behind it! We are proud partners with Prescription for Change and the BuildON foundation.

Rodan + Fields PFC funds organizations that provide educational and leadership programs to young people in the United States, Canada and Australia. Through these programs, students participate in volunteer work in their communities and gain the confidence and skills that come from helping others. Learn more about our foundation HERE!


Is this right for me?

The short answer is “YES!” This is for EVERYONE that has a reason why. What could extra income do for you and your family? Why do YOU need R+F in your life? Whether you are looking to cover the cost of your skincare products, build a “shameless shoe fund”, replace a full-time income, or anything in between, we are here to support you in reaching your goals! No matter what your personality, market size, market type, background, job training, schedule, stage of life etc… we ALL have the capability of doing well with R+F. The only thing you MUST be is coach-able. So, ask yourself if you are willing to learn from others who have proven success. By joining our team, you will have access to the BEST available training out there. The great part is, it is accessible via computer or phone, so you don’t have to go anywhere but the comfort of your own home or car to learn how to succeed. This business is mobile. You can do it when you want and how you want to. You work for yourself, but not by yourself. Our team is especially supportive, collaborative, fun and encouraging. You will never be alone! In fact, you will gain several lifelong friends through this journey….and THAT is the best part! It’s a game-changer for you, your family, and own personal situation. This is for EVERYONE that wants a change in their life! The only risk I see is not taking the risk.


Additional Links that may be helpful

▪ Here is the Doctors’ story as only they can tell it.
Success Stories on R+F blog show varied backgrounds and success stories from people like you and me.
Forbes recognizes Rodan + Fields as one of the most well respected skincare companies in the world.
▪ Listen to a couple of our friends and tbusiness partners that you would get to be mentored by as well:
[1) Straight Talk with Romi Neustadt:https://tinyurl.com/StraightTalkWithRomiNeustadt
2) Elizabeth and Taylor Guess share their story: (641) 715-3589 Passcode: 425011#.
3) Another great video https://Vimeo.com/189249944 The Password is: lifechangingskincare
Thank you! I look forward to our call and getting the rest of your questions answered.


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