The world seen from an artist’s point of view!

Father, Teacher, Artist of both traditional media and digital media, Graphic Designer, Film Maker and producer of my own soundtracks!

As of early 2014 with the birth of a son I’ve become a father in my late 50’s. I know, WOW! My wife and I delayed this decision for 20 years!  Regardless of that and our age, we are one happy little family now. As an artist, I have had to dial back my production in a big way as he is the focus of much of my attention as a lead parent. We do some occasional art projects together and I get to knock out some paintings here and there on my own. He is a healthy, happy child and his cognitive development are right on track! We are one very lucky couple given that we came to this parenting business a bit late in the game.

Anyway, with that said, my aim here is to provide visitors with some insights into the workings of my brand of creativity. Sometimes I have difficulty comprehending the creative processes of others let alone myself. By creating a site like this you can trace a bit of the ongoing development and remain current on the continuing work of a living breathing artist no longer confined to a dreary atelier. I have exhibited my work publicly in various shows through the decades but real-world spaces allow for only so much work to be shown. Until I hit the limit of whatever crazy amount of server space I have (they say “unlimited”) this baby is just going to grow to epic proportions!

I’ve never been one to confine myself to only traditional art media. As a student at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago I became involved with video production and sound production. I also worked in a number of legendary Chicago night clubs as a VJ/DJ throughout my time as a student and even afterward while a primary school teacher. However that was a while back before I left the USA for Australia. In the current chapter of my life, I’ve most recently have worked for a boutique film and photography company on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast  whose work is flat our gorgeous. I also was given the opportunity to apply some of my hard-won production skills as a technical assistant on location as well some work as a video editor. However, my academic background as a teacher included the acquisition of some usable writing skills. This has rewarded me in the past having been hired to create engaging content for previous clients and their websites. So when asked to write a blog about one of the videos produced by the company I wholeheartedly undertook the task and they struck gold. Since then I have written numerous blogs, descriptions, ad copy, taglines, voice over copy, the list goes on. I have been blessed with visually creative spirit and have earned my writing skills over decades becoming a lean mean idea machine.


I often wonder though about the imposition of the moniker of artist I place on myself sometimes it seems like some kind of vague liability. Certainly not done so to invoke some lame cache. For some, it seems a hollow and general descriptor used blithely in reference to innumerable activities. However, when people step through the doorway of my house, or in this case my website (shock and awe)  they are confronted with a visual overload. While an artist is coming sort of close it does not encompass the range activities that I undertake at any given time. But to list those would be a bit over the top. I have always remained fond of the dictum that specialisation is for insects. This is where I go quiet and let the work I do speak for me.

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