March 27, 2015Pry if you must.

Greetings and Salutations!

Everybody has their story.

This is mine…

Soak up some art, watch a video

and groove to the vibes…

I am a craftsman across a variety of media.

Why you should look around.

My fond Vision and Mission
To create compelling content with an eye toward ever increasing quality and diversity. Achieve some success through sales of my work as fine art prints. Invitations to collaborate are sought with like minded creatives.
The Philosophy
The thirst for knowledge, the sheer joy of creativity and sharing the results of these endeavours with others is a source of boundless delight for us. Couple this with a deep respect for the limited time we are allotted and it becomes apparent that what remains of us beyond the DNA we may propagate are the works we leave behind whether Mt. Rushmore, a beautiful painting or a delicate ring for a child.
Services we offer
That is a good little tab for this widget! What am I offering? At the moment writing services, film production, editing all on a free-lance basis. Soon I will launch my little store and start selling off some of my jewellery work as well.
Our Commitments
As far as my writing goes, my turnaround times are rapid, when available I can churn out what you need in a matter of hours. All else is subject to negotiation including consultation.

My logo put to the test!

What is the word on the street?

Some sing my praises, others take me to task and there are rare detractors of the worse kind but mostly on YouTube…

Make me swoon!

  • My good friend, mentor and creative genius Joe warped many a young impressionable mind. Those were the days..

    Robert L.Fields
    Robert L.FieldsMayne Stage
  • Face it Joe you did some awesome work and showed us so many cool options for music that many people might not have heard of if it wasn't for you. You always had an amazing talent with Video work.

    Mirko Cukich
    Mirko CukichDigital Mirko
  •  Please examine his body of work, in many mediums, contained on his website He prices his art so that anybody could afford to acquire it, share it, revel in it. The scope of his 40 year body of work is literally spectacular!

    Barbara Burns
    Barbara Burnshere there n everywhere.

Fans from all over!

  • Love it!! Great stuff.....I think I even saw my neighbours ute in the car park. Are you going to do more?

  • Guys like you made Medusa more bearable when the tunes/people weren't quite cutting it on a given night, gave us something to hold our interest, fascinate us...

  •  I was in Medusa's that night mesmerized on the video screen fixated forever watching this. You blind-sided me with so many flashbacks of that joint.


From other pros:

  • What is missed from the commentary so far is lack of praise for such a phenomenal and insightful video editing job you did, bravo!

  • You're seriously the bomb. You are the man. I love my writer!!!

    Luke M.
    Luke M.Playback Studios

Current Clients

Partners we work with

My most worthwhile partner to date has been Playback Studios who keep me busy with a constant stream of copy to produce from newsletters to blogs. With the re-launch of my site I hope to attract some interest in what I may be able to achieve for prospective partners. While I have freelanced for the last few years as a video editor, photographer and occasional copy writer these gigs often do not stretch my creativity or technical skills as does Playback Studios. Perhaps I may engage some others!
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My in house shopping will be enabled in the near future.

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